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1. Goal for Functional Pi-Electronic Systems


  Considerable effort is being devoted to the development of molecular photonic/electronic materials that may serve as elements of molecular-scale circuitry in future information processing systems. The development of molecular photonic/electronic devices requires the characterization of individual properties on single molecule level as well as ensemble average ones because the summation of functionality of individual molecular device leads to the overall performances of integrated molecular devices.

  Because our research is to reveal the early events in energy and electron transport phenomena of a variety of molecular assembly systems for future applications in molecular photonics/electronics, we'll be able to elucidate the mechanisms involved in photodynamic reactions in molecular assemblies and to propose new theoretical implications on related phenomena. Especially, the investigations on coherent and incoherent exciton coupling dynamics by controlling the exciton coupling strength and the inhomogeneity of molecular assemblies based on novel time- and space-resolved spectroscopic measurements will give rise to a strong impact on the research on excitation energy coupling and hopping processes. The continuing efforts to reveal the fundamental relationship between aromaticity and optical nonlinear properties will also open new avenues for the research on large organic π-conjugated molecules. Finally, the novel idea to reveal the role of electronic couplings in various molecular assemblies by controlling the interchromophoric interactions will provide a firm basis for the understanding of π-electron conjugation and interaction in organic molecules.

   Consequently, approaches at molecular levels on diverse molecular systems will enable us to elucidate fundamental photonic/electronic properties related to morphology, nano environment, domain structures, size distributions, and orientations of molecular photonic/electronic materials. Through these works, we’ll be able to publish a considerable amount of research results in internationally well-known journals, including a few tens of invited papers and plenary lectures as well. These innovative activities will bring our team to attract broad interest world-widely in scientific as well as industrial communities.

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